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I am very aware of the many choices you have in selecting a company that provides tree trimming services in Las Vegas and my hope is that you will consider the advantages and cost savings of choosing my small, hands-on owner/operated tree care company over the many “big business” managed tree service companies available to you.  In an industry where integrity, experience and quality work are of major importance, I started tree trimming in Las Vegas in 1989. Since the beginning, I’ve learned the importance of maintaining a small, owner/operator style tree trimming service with “on the job” experience, and how to keep my operating costs at a minimum.  This on site experience has allowed me to pass significant savings on to my customers without sacrificing the quality and care I bring to all jobs for tree trimming in Las Vegas.

The name of my company, though not as important as the quality of services provided, is called SouthWest Tree Co. Licensed, insured and located at 2901 S. Highland Dr. #Y-200 – Las Vegas, NV 89109.

In addition to tree trimming in Las Vegas, we are pleased to provide the following:

Tree Trimming Care and Services:

  • Tree removal
  • Palm tree skinning
  • Tree thinning and pruning
  • Tree transplanting
  • Tree services
  • Tree stump grinding
  • Tree stump removal

If you have a palm tree you just want removed, I’d like you to know that I don’t just chop it down and haul it off.  I will make every attempt to salvage it.

I’ll dig it up, transplant it elsewhere, water it, and keep it alive for use in other landscaping projects.

NOTE: Some palm trees have resale value and they’re removal could be free of charge (use this link for details).

Tree pruning/trimming when done professionally will encourage healthy new branch and leaf growth which will reduce the effects of damage by storms from trees growing too close to a structure. This will help increase the value and improve the appearance of your real estate property.

We specialize in all residential and commercial tree services and tree trimming and/or pruning in the surrounding Las Vegas, Nevada area. This includes stump grinding, stump removal, palm tree care, wood and branch grinding and clean-up!

If you’ll give me the opportunity to bid on your tree trimming needs, I think you’ll find my prices to be the lowest you can find here. I also provide tree service to Henderson and the surrounding Las Vegas area.

Thanks again for visiting Tree Trimming Las Vegas dot com.

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Tree Services in Las Vegas – Video

SouthWest Tree Company’s Video Presentation Of Their Tree Services in Las Vegas.

Below is a short video of our “owner-operated” company’s tree services which highlights our expertise and activities in handling all aspects of our tree services in Las Vegas. We provide the cheapest prices and fastest service in Las Vegas and surrounding areas.

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